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SPIN Chennai(CSPIN) is one of the world’s oldest SPIN organizations (more than 20 years old) and is one of the only 130 exclusive SPINs in the world. It is associated with CMMI Institute (USA) and Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University(USA). Chennai SPIN(CSPIN) has been the pioneer in promoting various high maturity quality and management practices, processes, frameworks and models including CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, Lean, TOC, BS7799, GDPR, Agile, Malcolm Bladridge, Balanced Score Card, Blue Ocean Strategy, 5S, 7QC Tools, TQM etc.. Some of the world renowned gurus who have given guidance and have visited Chennai SPIN for various sessions include Watts Humphrey (USA), Lewis Trigger (Israel),  Bill Curtis (USA) et al.
CSPIN has members from most of the Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 organizations in the IT and BPM industry as well as Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive and Healthcare Industries and several independent consultants in the process, delivery excellence and quality assurance space. CSPIN’s Corporate members (Platinum, Gold and Silver members) play a crucial role in supporting the evangelization and implementation of high maturity practices through knowledge sharing and various focused 1 day workshops.
CSPIN’s Watts Humphrey award, SPICON (SPIN International Conference) and the monthly knowledge forums are most sought after by people from the Industry and Academia.



  •   “Chennai SPIN strives to provide an open forum for software process improvement professionals to share knowledge, experiences and grow professionally to be the best in the class.”



  •  SPIN Chennai strives to enable and enhance IT professional’s value by creating an environment and opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, professionalism and application of software engineering and  management practices
  •  Fostering and enabling corporate, community and educational networking opportunities through Inspiring culture  of Collaboration, Learning and Sharing
  •  Partnering with Industry and Academia to nurture industry best practices and standards
  •  Collaboration platform for professionals, organization and industry in disseminating IT best practices


Leadership Team

SPIN Chennai is managed by voluntary group of experts, who would like to contribute to the area of software and systems process improvement. This consists of an Advisory Committee, Steering Committee and the Working Committee.

Advisory Committee:

SPIN Chennai is guided by an advisory committee of eminent IT personalities of Chennai. The advise and guide the Steering Committee to perform the day to day activities.


Dr. L.N. Rajaram 

Founder Director

Expert Software Consultants Ltd


Sulochana Ganesan 

Retired Sr. Vice President

Hexaware Technologies Limited


Sarathy BSP Emani 


MEQPRIMA Advisory Services

Steering Committee:

Steering Committee consists of persons with immense experience in Software and Systems Process Improvement, who have many years of hands on experience in these areas. The Steering Committee is headed by the President (Leader) and supported by the Secretary (Co-leader). There will be seven to fifteen steering committee members, as decided by the steering committee then in effect. The other roles such as Treasurer and Membership Coordinator will be nominated by the committee.

Responsibilities of steering committee:
  •   Manage the affairs of the SPIN Chennai
  •   Maintain coordination with other SPIN organizations
  •   Identify meeting coordinators for the SPIN meetings
  •   Select and coordinate topics and speakers for SPIN meetings
  •   Approve the establishment, charter, and dissolution of working groups
  •   Appoint working group chairperson
  •   Elect Steering Committee members to the roles described in the charter
  •   Review the operation of the SPIN periodically to determine improvements in its operation
  •   Solicit feedback from SPIN participants as needed

Rajaram Venkataraman 

President- SPIN Chennai

CEO - VelTech Technology Business Incubator


Major Chandrasekaran .V.V 


SPIN Chennai


Ramkumar Ramachandran 

Treasurer - SPIN Chennai

CIO - Tevel Cyber Corps


Ramesh Krish 


Indium Software


V. Vinayagamurthy 

Global Performance Manager



M. Rajamanickam 

Managing Partner

ProXL Consuting


Hariharan Mathrubutham 

Vice President - Quality



Sankaran Venkataramani 

Technical Director



Dinesh Ganesan 

Vice President

Hexaware Technologies Limited


Latha Ramesh 

Independent Consultant (Quality & Process Improvement)


Chandrakumar Raman 

Quality Leader

Nokia Siemens Network


R Ragavendra Prasath 

Senior Consultant


Working Committee:

Working Committee of dedicated professionals, who aspire to contribute towards software process improvement and SPIN Chennai. Working Committees are constituted by the President on the advice of the Steering Committee. Working group should be headed by a committee member but may consist of non-members. Working Committees can be permanent or temporary (for a specific event).


P. Srinivasa Reddy 

Program Manager - Quality

HP Global Soft P Ltd


Ramesh Chandran 

Assistant Manager

Renault Nissan


Mohan Ganapathyram 

Global Head – Marketing

Indium Software (India) Ltd


Karthikeyan .B 

AVP – Delivery

Indium Software (India) Ltd

Major Activities of SPIN Chennai:
  •   Monthly Experts talks on areas related to Software Engineering, Management and Process Improvement
  •   Training sessions by Industry Experts
  •   Yearly Conference of contemporary topics.CXO Talks
  •   Monthly Talks
  •   SPICONs


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