Membership to SPIN Chennai is voluntary with the payment of a small fee to run the day-to-day activities. Joining Chennai SPIN recognizes one’s commitment and loyalty to improving the state of software and systems engineering, as well as placing one in contact with a network of expertise within their community. It is a practical forum for the interchange of ideas, information, and mutual support.

Here are the major benefits by becoming a SPIN Chennai Member:
  •   Attending monthly SPIN meetings to listen to an expert
  •   Practically useful topics for seminars by expert practitioners
  •   Learn industry best practices
  •   Networking with peers and experts in IT process improvement
  •   Discounts for seminars & workshops
  •   PDUs / CEUs for PMP & ISACA


Steps to become SPIN Chennai Member:
  •   Register / Download the Membership Form.
  •   Fill in all the details of the membership form
  •   Make Cheque / DD ‘SPIN’ Chennai , Payable at Chennai
  •   Mail the Cheque / DD to the Mailing address
  •   Collect the receipt from SPIN Secretary
  •   Secretary – Memberships will add email id to the mailing group


  • Membership Validity Period – Member ship is valid for 1 year from the date of joining which needs to renewed yearly.

  • Currently it is INR. 500/- per annum Steering Committee may review and revive it from time to time.

    Corporate – 3 plans
  • Silver – INR. 3,000/- per annum (Any 4 from the company can attend a meeting).
  • Gold – INR. 5,000/- per annum (Any 6 from the company can attend a meeting. In addition, 5% discount on the list price for SPICON).
  • Platinum – INR. 10,000/- per annum (Any 10 from the company can attend a meeting. In addition, 5% discount on the list price for any paid meeting of SPIN Chennai).


Membership Benefits:
    •   Can attend monthly knowledge sharing session
    •   Can avail the discounts on the SPIN workshops /conferences

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